• We tide up our clothes 

      Abanto Rodriguez, Fredy Jhonatan (Universidad Nacional de Cajamarca, 2019-06-26)
      Students write o short text about the activities they do at home using adverbs of frequency taking into account the coherence and cohesion.
    • What do they do 

      De la Cruz Cueva, Miriam Katherin (Universidad Nacional de Cajamarca, 2019-11-06)
      Our daily routines
    • What does she look like? 

      Yopla Rojas, Macarena Elizabeth (Universidad Nacional de Cajamarca, 2019-05-08)
      Analyze the text to get inldrmation about Alexia, Barnechea’s biography using, skimming and scanning techniques..
    • What would you like? 

      Guevara Delgado, Tabita Leo (Universidad Nacional de Cajamarca, 2019-09-04)
      Food from around the world
    • What' s for dinner 

      Leiva Novoa, Danila Jhulisa (Universidad Nacional de Cajamarca, 2019-11-20)
      Food from around the world
    • yous houlde atheal thy food 

      Boñón Salazar, Jheny Isabel (Universidad Nacional de Cajamarca, 2019-10-30)
      Food around the world
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